Our Main Treatment Areas:

HAVER is a pharmaceutical company with a strong product portfolio which strives to ensure that the value added generic products that can respond to different treatment groups are manufactured in Turkey and to make these products accessible on a global scale. The product portfolio includes a large number of different products used in oncology, cardiology, general surgery, internal medicine, and many other therapeutic areas.

Hospital Products, Surgical, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Products

Products that can be used safely and sensitively by healthcare professionals who apply the treatments of patients in clinics and that help increase the efficiency of their activities.

Parenteral Nutrition Products

Products that support acute and chronic nutritional care for patients with poor nutrition

Renal Products

Products that increase the quality of life of patients with chronic renal failure

Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment Products

Products which are used before various examinations such as colonoscopy and which are prescribed at outpatient clinics or while being discharged from the hospital

Consumer Health Products

Prescription and non-prescription products that can be of utmost benefit to human health, particularly upper respiratory tract infections and immunity

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