In parallel with the increasing and aging world population and the excessive impact of environmental factors on the ecosystem, the need for better and higher quality healthcare services is increasing and evolving.

Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry is among the most strategic industries in the world, and this is only possible with the high added value it creates and continuation of innovative activities. Our company always aims to produce better and higher quality products, and is constantly following the current technology and its requirements and is taking firm steps towards becoming a pioneer with the product groups in which we have specialized in both Turkey and its nearby geography. Our R&D team, which was established for this purpose, consists of competent Pharmaceutical Chemists, Pharmaceutical Technologists, Patent and Intellectual Property Specialists, Pharmacologists, and Analytical Chemists.

Our Research and Development laboratory is equipped with many high-tech devices and equipment, especially for the development of non-sterile solutions and suspensions, as well as IV solutions and lyophilized hospital generics, and to perform all quality analyses at a single site. It is constantly being revised with the developing technologies and the investments are ongoing.

Our research and development activities are a very important step for the goal of becoming one of Turkey's leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in our company’s relevant field. Our goal is to become one of the key players in the CIS, MENA and European pharmaceutical markets, particularly in the Turkish market, by blending our R&D activities carried out for this purpose with the quality policy of our company. In line with our qualified human resources and our goal of being a company that can export to developed markets, our R&D, which has set for itself a mission focused on advanced technology, especially by establishing collaborations with universities, continues to carry out its activities for moving our company to higher levels.

Our R&D activities are carried out in our modern laboratories that have an area of approximately 600 m², and the facility consists of the following:

• Formulation development laboratory
• Analytical development laboratory
      - Instrumental analysis laboratory
      - Wet chemistry laboratory
• Stability areas (Zone II and IV).

Our main responsibilities are as follows:

•  Current literature / patent evaluation studies
•  Active substance / excipient selection studies
•  Pharmaceutical development studies
•  Analytical method development and validation studies
•  Laboratory and pilot scale production studies
•  BE/BA assessment studies
•  Product improvement studies
•  Alternative source selection studies
•  Stability studies (Zone II and Zone IVA-IVB)

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