HAVER for domestic and abroad because…

Haver Farma İlaç A.Ş. was established in 2009 in Istanbul to present goods, that are in accordance with global standards, to the local and international health markets in order to present its services effectively.
Our activities include not only providing marketing and services, but also expanding its product portfolio daily with its expert regulatory team. While being active in every step of manufacturing,  Haver offers its products and services at a level in par with world standards by adapting new technologies every step of the way, from manufacturing to marketing. As of today, Haver is active in every region in Turkey and expanding abroad exponentially. We will continue to improve our domestic and international position with value placed on our employees, our environment, and sustainable growth.
Haver provides its products for various therapeutic groups including but not limited to: Analgesics, spasmolytics, anticoagulants, mucolytics, antiinfectives, enemas, cardiovasculars, antiemetics, bronchodilators, local anesthetics, sedatives, vitamins.


Our Manufacturers

Haver cooperates only with established manufacturers that utilize quality and technology to their full extent Our partners are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and have been offering their goods and services locally and abroad.
The company that has the biggest share in our CMO portfolio is the leading parenteral solution manufacturer of Turkey. Osel, established in 1917, has been meeting the demands of domestic and foreign markets for decades. Possessing cGMP, GLP, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, and CE certificates, its manufacturing quality is superb.